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Collaboration, teamwork and project management,
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Coming Soon Digital analytics dashboard. Identify your top-performing marketing channels and efforts.

Manage your data entry

Tagging your data has never been easier.

Ensure that your link tagging strategy is consistent across your organization. Data analysis requires data integrity. Flannelytics provides confidence that your advertising is being tracked properly.

Collaborate with anyone, anywhere

Maintain convention by having a single, unified platform

Your data - all in one place

The days of hunting through your inbox for an email attachment are over

Easy to customize

Designed to be compatible any digital analytics platform or BI tool

Built by nerds. Made for marketers.

Custom URL tagging doesn't require a background in analytics anymore

Flannelytics is made for people who want to read words, not code. You need to be able to interpret your data without looking things up - that's why we exist.

Your data is routinely backed up

Don't worry about your spreadsheet disappearing or someone deleting your data on accident, our systems periodically take snapshots of your data.

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