We have a plan for everyone

We are still in production mode and will be launching our full product soon. Here are the plans you can look forward to seeing in the near future...

Monthly Billing
Annual Billing
Discounted Rate
$ 9 /mo
$ 89 /year
1 User
1 Project
Unlimited Tagged URL's
Google Analytics Tags
2 Custom Tags
Small Business
$ 29 /mo
$ 299 /year
5 Users
Unlimited Projects
Unlimited Tagged URL's
Google Analytics Tags
5 Custom Tags
Upload Existing URLs
CSV Export
Email Support
$ 99 /mo
$ 799 /year
Unlimited Users
Unlimited Projects
Unlimited Tagged URL's
Google Analytics Tags
Unlimited Custom Tags
Upload Existing URLs
CSV Export
Email Support
Analytics Dashboard
Google Analytics Integration

Included in every plan:

Unlimited URL Tagging

Build as many custom URL's as you would like! You get a great interface to produce URL's tagged to fit your company's unique business requirements.

Integration With Google Analytics

The data you insert will be automatically connected with your Google Analytics account. This allows you to customize your reporting and fix any errors.

Export to CSV

You can export your fully tagged URL's, specified custom parmaeters and marketer-friendly meta data in a standard CSV format for seamless integration into any platform.

Data Visualization Dashboard (Coming Soon)

The data you collect is only as effective if you can analyze it. You will be able to have high-level reporting capabilities at your fingertips.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a card to sign up?

Yes. We need to verify that you are a real person or company, a valid card will help to ensure that is indeed the case.

Can I cancel at anytime?

Yes. You pay month-to-month so you can cancel at any point. We hate to see you go, but want you to feel comfortable with your purchase.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes. A 7-day free trial is offered. Take advantage of it and get yourself familiar with the product!

Will this integrate with platforms other than Google Analytics?

Yes. Flannelytics is geared toward making your life easier. Data can be exported in such a way that you can simply use a CSV or go all out and integrate it into your cloud database!

Will you upload our historical campaign information?

No. Unfortunately, the way companies have their data structured varies too widely to accomodate. However, if the data is relatively clean, we may be able to work something out!

Am I going to love Flannelytics?

Absolutely. If you don't find it to be valuable, we'll refund your most recent payment.

Still have doubts?

Send us an email with your questions!